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Your business dinner in Calpe with Antica Roma

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November 21, 2019
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There is little time left for one of the traditions most awaited by some people in companies and most hated by others. We are talking about company Christmas dinners. 

Whether we like it or not, most people decide to attend motivated by the commitment they feel with their co-workers. Since most of us decide to attend, what better than to enjoy the moment? Celebrate your Calpe company dinner with Antica Roma and we are sure that if you are one of those who abhor this type of events, you will start to see them with better eyes.

Here are some basic tips to make your company dinner a success.

Organize a perfect business dinner with Antica Roma

  • Take into consideration the profile of the diners when choosing the menu. Are there vegetarians? vegans? Anyone with allergy problems? The menu must have options for all guests.
  • Choose a catering service that has good references. If you want dinner to be perfect, hiring a good service is essential.
  • Avoid that the central topic of conversation are work issues. A company dinner is not the best time to discuss issues that may worry the attendees, the company Christmas dinner is a good time to disconnect and spend a pleasant time with colleagues, however this does not mean that at the time of the toast, take the opportunity to encourage the staff to face the year that is about to come to achieve new successes in the company, but do not abuse labor issues in this type of dinner.
  • Prepare an after-dinner activity. Although there will be people who just want to have dinner and leave, a good part of the guests, will enjoy a lot with extra activity after dinner, going to karaoke, a bowling alley or a drink bar, can be a great idea.

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