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Top 5 most popular dishes on our menu

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February 24, 2021
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Would you like to place an order, but you can’t quite decide which dishes to choose? We have prepared a compilation of the five star dishes on our menu, those that receive the most compliments and that account for most of the orders.

We anticipate that chicken, pasta and pizza are the main protagonists.

5 best dishes from our Calpe trattoria


Chicken Milanesa ai funghi

Chicken Milanese… that classic that never fails and that the whole family likes!

If you like breaded chicken, you will love our Milanese chicken. Also, it is accompanied by mushrooms and cream.

It is a dish with balanced flavors and with each ingredient cooked just right. Get ready to enjoy!


Maccheroni Luciano al forno

Lovers of baked pasta have no doubts, the ‘Luciano al forno’ are the most demanded of this category . If you like cream you will not be able to avoid falling into the temptation to try them.

Mushroom, ham, cream and cheese… isn’t your mouth watering?

Dolci Passioni Alla pera e pecorino

pecorino is a type of cured cheese from Italy. It is made with sheep’s milk and has a characteristic salty flavor that contrasts perfectly with pear . These two ingredients make up the filling of our plate.

Also, like all our fresh pasta, it is served with a delicious sauce. In the case of Dolci Passioni Alla pera e pecorino, the sauce is cream, mascarpone and nutmeg.

Long live the flavor contrasts!


Vatican Pizza

The key to Vatican pizza is the combination of spicy salami with cherry tomato, basil, mushroom and Parmesan. All of them ingredients that blend perfectly with the delicious tomato and mozzarella base .

Do not hesitate to ask if you are spicy!

Pizza Mascarpone

Mascarpone is a cheese from northern Italy, with a texture similar to cream cheese. Mascarpone pizza is the dream come true of those who love both cheese and pizza.

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, cooked, oregano and mascarpone are the ingredients of this praised pizza, an option with which you will never fail!

We hope that this small compilation of our most popular dishes has helped you to better understand our gastronomic offer. Remember that you can place your orders at 662 38 00 49 !

If you wish, you can read more articles about Italian cuisine at our blog .

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