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Benefits of a fresh pasta

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October 24, 2019
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One of the most wonderful contributions of Italian cuisine to the world is fresh pasta, and fresh pasta is what makes Italian cuisine unique. Therefore, our pasta is always fresh and we make it ourselves in the restaurant. It is a task that takes time, but that compensates, because we care that our food is as authentic as possible.

Why fresh pasta?

Fresh pasta has a soft touch and can be cooked immediately after processing and has certain advantages over dry pasta that make it, in our opinion, much better option:
For starters, the fresh pasta can be cooked together with the sauce and that will make the sauce adhere much better to the pasta than when it is dry, acquiring the flavor little by little and in depth. It is also possible to cook it alone and dress it simply with a little olive oil, oregano, basil or garlic, because unlike dried pasta, fresh pasta already provides a high dose of its own flavor and a texture more than enough by itself.

All pasta is healthy if consumed in its proper measure. However, fresh pasta is usually made with egg and flour and, therefore, is a more complete food than dried pasta, since it has a high protein content. And, although it is quite complicated to obtain fresh wholegrain pasta, which would be the healthiest, the truth is that fresh pasta is still just as healthy and with extra protein.
And finally, fresh pasta is much more versatile than dried pasta and allows us to offer a greater variety of dishes and flavors. When prepared at the moment, fresh pasta can be filled just before cooking, and that allows you to offer fresh fillings. That is not possible with dry pasta and makes fresh pasta a better option for restoration.

For all this, we encourage you to try our fresh pasta dishes. Enjoy the true taste of Italy!

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